BlendKit – Constructivist Approaches (Chapter 2)

The 2nd chapter in the BlendKit reader provided research on motivation of learners. I was particularly drawn to the comments of Kirschner et al, who argued that the degree of instructor presence and support is critical to successful constructivist activities. The authors of the BlendKit reader correctly observe that the “concern of minimal guidance… is compounded by the growth of online content created by amateurs” (p. 26). The differentiation between the types of “roles of the instructor” in the new networked world seem to me to be slight variations on the same theme. Cultivating intrinsic motivation is the key; achieved by finding┬áthe optimal level of guidance for each student. That can likely be facilitated via technology in personalized learning environments and machine learning, but the importance of the human element on both the teaching and learning side cannot be underestimated.